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A small teaser for my next beatles fic (written from Paul McCartney's point of view):

The alarm sounds but it's not the right alarm.
And that's the thing that alerts me that something is wrong.
My eyes snap open and I look around a dark, and to be honest rather dreary room, to find I both do and don't recognize it. Images and feelings of familiarity float around a sleep-addled brain but on the whole I don't recognize anything around me. Must be another hotel room? But no, it's to spacious for that, and there's only one bed-my bed-sitting squat in the middle of the room. Around it, as I sit up and look around, various articles of clothes are scattered and I think I make out a rather oddly shaped black object peeking out from under one of what I assume are my shirts.
Light filters in through closed shutters and I have to squint through the darkness to try and make out where I'm going, trying hard to not trip over a suitcase or something but my feet find none.
That must have been some party, I muse to myself as my hands find the dimly lit wall and I begin my journey towards the bathroom (or was it the closet? All the doors looked the same). I remember laughter, jokes with the fellas, a couple drinks and a few blunts passed between ourselves and the various people who'd gotten in the door after yet another concert.
The fellas had griped and groaned all the way to the concert hall and all the way back but their grins had been broad and genuine when we walked into the hotel suite to find a few rather sweet birds waiting for us. Along with some friends and several bottles of booze...
Speaking of birds, couldn't the ones chirping outside the window hush up? Not all of us had the privelege of not waking up with a hangover...
I guess it was the least I deserved, after all with the way John goaded me into chugging bottle after bottle alongside him, I could have woken up with much worse (and had in the past). But I can't tell you about that, at least not as sober as I am. I try to keep what happened in Hamburg staying in Hamburg best I can.


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United States
I write mostly fiction, therefore I guess this is just another outlet for fanficiton -_-'''
Fiction to Choose From-

Sing Me to Sleep: Where's a Beatle to turn when the pressures of stardom reach unbearable heights? That's what George has to ask himself as dark thoughts and feelings plague the youngest Beatle. Warning's for suicidal thoughts and attempts

Mother: A simple trip to the market sends Paul McCartney into a terrible accident and settles him with a choice: Live and become the person he hopes to be, or die and be reunited with his dead mother?

Trapped: None of them ever thought it would happen... and then it did. George finds himself at the mercy of some unsavory characters alone in a cage in the basement while the other three Beatles race against time to save him. Warnings for violence, drugs, and rape

Freed (Sequel to Trapped): George has traded one prison for another, this time locking himself away in his own mind. Can John, Paul, and Ringo save him before it's to late? Or will George forever be lost to the trauma? Warnings for drug use, brief violence, and electroshock therapy

Yellow Subma-Dream: A fantastic retelling of a classic and artfull movie-with a twist! Ringo and Paul from days of modern wake up to find they've been trapped in the movie. And while it's great to see their long departed friends, John and George, there's always the now all to real danger of the Blue Meanies and their attack on Pepperland! Can Paul and Ringo find a way to escape their newest predicament and save the colorful Pepperland? Or will they go off script and the Blue Meanies triumph?

Lennon's Wonderland: Okay, I wanted to do a John story since I've done a Paul story and three George Stories. John Lennon follows a potential burglar into his garden only to then wake up in the mythical Wonderland from one of his favorite book. With characters wearing his friend's faces can John find a way home or go mad trying?

Library Books: Quality time is when two people spend time together to strengthen their bond.. not have Rumpelstiltskin steal Belle's copy of Twilight... What will be the consequence? Two-part fluff piece (in OUaT ficlets folder).

Where else to find me?:>…
I have a lot more stories there, although I'm planning to move a couple of the shorter stories here...


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