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Lennon's Wonderland 12
    "Well... you're a bit taller aren't you?" The Dodo drawled, regarding John with a critical eye.
    "Just move along Feathers why don't you?" John snapped.
    "Fine," the Dodo rolled his eyes, "What do you know about all this?"
    "Not a single thing-but I doubt Stu did it so you let him go."
    "I'm sorry my boy, I'm afraid you don't decide what goes on in a courtroom." The Dodo rolled his eyes, turning towards the Knave of Hearts, who'd bent forward to remove his sunglasses so he could get a better look at John. John however felt his heart twist and quickly looked away.
    "Well this isn't much of a court room." John snapped, "I haven't heard one thing that matches what I've seen in all those court room drama's on the TV. Where's the actual evidence? Where's the motive? Why hasn't anyone told us what he did, and when, and where?"
    "I'm sorry but are you a lawyer?" the Dodo snapped i
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Lennon's Wonderland 11
    The flight back towards the castle seemed shorter than the flight from it, yet that did nothing to calm John's nerves and twisting stomach. The beautiful scenery was no form of distraction and all he wanted was for the ride to just end. The castle appeared within minutes, glowing and red among only green trees and a blue sky.
    Then John landed face-first in the garden shrubbery, where he felt his skin tear open from the thorns of the red painted rose bushes.
    "Yeah, sure you're sorry you rat with wings!" John shouted as Gryphon flew away towards the castle. John carefully extracted himself from the bushes and checked over his scarred arms, trying to make sure nothing was to terribly damaged (except maybe his pride). All in all it seemed to just be another reminder of how different this world was from his own; Neil would never have dropped him in a rose bush-he never would have been able to fly either.
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Lennon's Wonderland 10
    "So what shall we play?" Mock Turtle asked.
    "A dancing game." Gryphon said simply. John couldn't help but snorting at the thought of Neil or Mal dancing randomly dancing on a beach. He watched as the two debated over what kind of dancing game, deciding on something John remembered vaguley from the book called the "Lobster Quadrille".
    Except when the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle prepared themselves to play, they didn't grab any lobsters, as there were none on the beach, and instead merely danced around in the sand, growing closer and closer to the water as they did so.
    "So... how exactly does one win this game?" John asked.
    "Not sure... whoever touches the water first," Gryphon shrugged, "With... their tail!"
    "That's not fair!" The Mock Turtle lamented, "Your's is so much longer than mine!"
    "Well I guess I'll win then..."
    "Fine... first to
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Lennon's Wonderland 9
                  The Hare was trying to calm the Duchess down, tears and panic were evident in her eyes as she hugged her son close to her chest. Where the baby had come from John wasn't sure but he was glad, knowing the small boy that somehow shared his son's face was safe as the party dissolved into chaos. The Queen of Hearts stomped this way and that, flanked by white uniformed soldiers with red numbers and hearts painted across their armor as she screamed for retribution. Here and there a few of the unlucky were dragged to their doom but John didn't have time for that.
                  He didn't have time for anything.
                  He spied the Hatter running towards the maze, a rather angry expression on his face. John foll
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Lennon's Wonderland 8
                   The four lads seemed to walk for miles in a space of minutes. The surroundings, while still looking like woods, looked completely different. Thinner, lighter, overall a much nicer scene before. The path slowly turned from dirt and pebbles to a cobbled walkway. John walked alongside the Hatter and the March Hare, Cheshire situating himself comfortably in the Hare's arms as they walked.
                   "He's a rather lazy thing really," The Hare said as he scratched the top of the cat's head, "Whenever we walk to the castle he always makes me carry 'im. Sometimes I'm worried Hatter here will make me carry him too but of course he can't turn into a cat so he's got no excuse."
                   The Hat
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Lennon's Wonderland 7
                John walked with Cheshire out of the house and down the road, listening to the cat-like man babble about this and that endlessly. Cheshire would wander about the path as they walked and flip around to walk on his hands without warning. He began walking backwards part of the way and only turned back around when John threatened to trip him.
                "You know, Hatter didn't think you'd make it this far. Sometimes he likes Alice, sometimes he doesn't. You're the first one he's been unsure of in a long time." Cheshire said, doing a cartwheel as he spoke.
                "Sounds a bit pompous to me," John remarked, "Have you had to much sugar or something? Why can't you walk straight?"
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Lennon's Wonderland 6
          The wood around him turned slowly from dark to dim, and from dim to barely lit, and from that to, well, normally lit. He found it actually somewhat pleasant as he strolled along, hoping to find someone a little more easy going than the Caterpillar had been.
          His prayers seemingly answered, it wasn't long before he came upon a large house in the wood, a small wrought iron gate running around it and a small flower bed running along the sides of the red brick house. The light shown down upon it and John heard and saw blue birds chirping as they flew in and out of the windows.
          Smiling to himself, John hoped the fence and strode up the walkway, red bricks with moss growing between them, knocking politely on the fine white door. It creaked open, and John caught a whiff of bread baking from the inside and took a step over the
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Lennon's Wonderland 5
            Stomping around in a huff, John somehow managed to wander from the wood and back into the giant garden. Marveling at how preposterous that was, the first garden had to still be completely submerged at the moment, John plowed on with the renewed idea to gloat to George about such a garden. The little guitarist turned gardener would be literally green with envy when John had finished with him, and who knows, maybe he could dump his scrawny butt in this mad house as revenge for getting him blammed for that stupid "race" busting up.
            No, this couldn't be the same garden. It was to dry! Besides, as he walked trees surrounded the little garden, but they couldn't be the same trees as the wood he'd just come from right? Right!? This place was so confusing... John found himself wishing for a map or something, or maybe even a sandwhich to get his mind off food and
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Lennon's Wonderland 4
            After finding a way down from the rocky ledge, John ran where everyone else had-the woods. Now on the outside, they looked like any other set of woods with trees and green leaves hanging about. But on the inside, at times it seemed much spookier. He thought he saw traces of fog here and there slipping under the trees and could hear animals scuttling about a ways off at times.
            A little frightened, and wondering if he was going mad, John nearly cried at the sight of a house among a clearing, disrupting the eerie wood. Quickly, he hurried towards what looked to be a small house complete with a small white fence and a front garden. A clothes line could be seen peeking out from the back and one of the windows was open, the sitting room window as John could hear the radio singing. He pulled open the latch and walked up the little stone path, admiring how cute
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Lennon's Wonderland 3
          John really didn't understand.
          This was crazier than any high he'd ever had... and a lot weirder than anything he'd ever done. He and Murray the Mouse landed on a rocky shore, where a few feet away the rocks began to jut and jump from the ground making small mountains and pedestals where several flashy figures stood. Surrounding them, along the more flatter ground, were a mess of men and woman in fancy business attire holding cameras or notepads or mobile recording equipment. They stood shouting to the flashier figures above them, all holding guitars or drumsticks or some other sort of instrument.
           "This is a... Reporter's Race?" He asked Murray, turning to look when he received no sort of answer at all to discover Murray had abandoned him for the throng of pushy reporters.
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Yellow Subma-Dream Chapter 2: What is it Ringo?
        "Ringo get up! The floor's filthy!"
        'Eww... trying John! Wait! John?!' Ringo's eyes snapped open-of their own volition-and Ringo was looking into the wondering face of his friend John Lennon-short shaggy auburn hair with sideburns and a mustache! A large pair of glasses shielded his eyes but Ringo was looking at the clear as day.
         "It has to be a dream..." He whispered and John frowned.
         "What's a dream? You know, I had a strange dream. Probably because I ate on an empty stomach."
         "John?" Ringo reached up and touched John's face-flesh and blood face! John quirked his eyebrow at the contact and helped the shaky drummer to his feet.
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Lennon's Wonderland 2
         The garden looked like a garden from England, beautiful, but no sun to brighten things up. The colors were vibrant, eye popping and loud. Pink and red roses mixed with purple violets, baby's breath and sunflowers swirling this way and that among the green leaves. Trees towered here and there, their leaves peppered with blossoms of promised fruit. A blue butterfly lazily flew overhead, a green caterpillar milling it's way down the rich brown dirt garden path. John spied a scurrying a brown mouse running through the thick forest of grass a few feet away.
         John sniggered to himself, wondering how George would react when he told him about this place. He considered plucking a few flowers for proof but discovered he was to small now, the plants either towering above him or matching his new height of four inches. John sighed, wondering how he'd get back to normal height-although this would ce
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Yellow Subma-Dream Chapter 1:Woah is me
        Liverpool was dark and dreary-as usual-with an ever-present threat of rain. It all seemed dark, as the people bustled about and hurried this way and that.
        One of those people was a short man with brown hair and a thick chestnut mustache. He wore something typical of the late sixties, a purple and red pinstripe suit with gray slacks with red and yellow stripes on the sides, black shiny shoes, and a bright orange tie with pink carnations flowered along it. Several colorful and shiny rings covered his fingers. He frowned as he heard the chimneys honk like submarine horns, rockets of smoke shooting from their stacks.
        "Woah... is... me..." Words tumbled from his mouth without his realizing it and the moment they were out he stopped short along the sidewalk he'd been walking, besides a small mound of abandoned crates. He folded his hands behind his back and tapped
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Lennon's Wonderland 1
        John felt like the world was swirling and spinning around him, and as the light entered his retinas and caused his head to feel like it was cracking open, he realized the world was moving around him!
         Only it wasn't turning round and round, it was zooming past him.
         "Woah!" He cried in surprise, the haze of unconsciousness getting booted from his system as he realized he was falling! Very, very fast! John threw out his arms, grabbing at the furniture, cupboards, and objects that floated in midair around him as he fell and they each slipped somehow from his grasp every time.
         With a strangled cry, he eventually grabbed onto a knob of a golden bedpost and the bed began to fall with him when whatever force that was sucking him down couldn't tear his grip from the metal ball in his hands.
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Lennon's Wonderland Prologue
    John sighed and slumped against his chair, letting the paper he'd been reading float silently to the floor as he closed his eyes and rested his head against the chair. It was warm and sunny outside, the sun shining in through the windows and cooking him slowly. All warm and comfy, John began to loose his grip on consciousness.
    He was exhausted, running around Julian and Cynthia on his one day off in who knows how long and now they were both out. Something about Cynthia needing to find the right flowers for the garden or something. Well that was lovely, but John wanted to relax so Julian went with her. He'd been sitting there reading for a good half hour until his eyelids momentarily closed and there was a shuffling from the kitchen.
    John's eyes flew open and he was up in seconds, edging towards the kitchen doorway with a frown on his face. No one was supposed to be here...
    "Cyn?" He called, only to receive no a
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Yellow Subma-Dream Prologue
        Once Upon a Time...
        Or maybe twice...
        There was an unearthly paradise, called...
        80,000 Leagues, beneath the sea it lay... or lie... I'm not to sure.
        It was a beautiful land, full of colors and sounds and life! Everywhere there was life! And music, lovely, lovely music played by everyone with an instrument. Over there sat Lord Mayor and his quartet, and a ways off a duo of musician's shared a piano off a ways, plunking away artfully at it's keys.
       Old Fred plucked flowers from the bushes, taking time to smell each one as he listened to a pretty woman in cobalt blue strum away at her harp for the dancing children before her, there mother watching with admirat
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A small teaser for my next beatles fic (written from Paul McCartney's point of view):

The alarm sounds but it's not the right alarm.
And that's the thing that alerts me that something is wrong.
My eyes snap open and I look around a dark, and to be honest rather dreary room, to find I both do and don't recognize it. Images and feelings of familiarity float around a sleep-addled brain but on the whole I don't recognize anything around me. Must be another hotel room? But no, it's to spacious for that, and there's only one bed-my bed-sitting squat in the middle of the room. Around it, as I sit up and look around, various articles of clothes are scattered and I think I make out a rather oddly shaped black object peeking out from under one of what I assume are my shirts.
Light filters in through closed shutters and I have to squint through the darkness to try and make out where I'm going, trying hard to not trip over a suitcase or something but my feet find none.
That must have been some party, I muse to myself as my hands find the dimly lit wall and I begin my journey towards the bathroom (or was it the closet? All the doors looked the same). I remember laughter, jokes with the fellas, a couple drinks and a few blunts passed between ourselves and the various people who'd gotten in the door after yet another concert.
The fellas had griped and groaned all the way to the concert hall and all the way back but their grins had been broad and genuine when we walked into the hotel suite to find a few rather sweet birds waiting for us. Along with some friends and several bottles of booze...
Speaking of birds, couldn't the ones chirping outside the window hush up? Not all of us had the privelege of not waking up with a hangover...
I guess it was the least I deserved, after all with the way John goaded me into chugging bottle after bottle alongside him, I could have woken up with much worse (and had in the past). But I can't tell you about that, at least not as sober as I am. I try to keep what happened in Hamburg staying in Hamburg best I can.


Chelamine's Profile Picture
United States
I write mostly fiction, therefore I guess this is just another outlet for fanficiton -_-'''
Fiction to Choose From-

Sing Me to Sleep: Where's a Beatle to turn when the pressures of stardom reach unbearable heights? That's what George has to ask himself as dark thoughts and feelings plague the youngest Beatle. Warning's for suicidal thoughts and attempts

Mother: A simple trip to the market sends Paul McCartney into a terrible accident and settles him with a choice: Live and become the person he hopes to be, or die and be reunited with his dead mother?

Trapped: None of them ever thought it would happen... and then it did. George finds himself at the mercy of some unsavory characters alone in a cage in the basement while the other three Beatles race against time to save him. Warnings for violence, drugs, and rape

Freed (Sequel to Trapped): George has traded one prison for another, this time locking himself away in his own mind. Can John, Paul, and Ringo save him before it's to late? Or will George forever be lost to the trauma? Warnings for drug use, brief violence, and electroshock therapy

Yellow Subma-Dream: A fantastic retelling of a classic and artfull movie-with a twist! Ringo and Paul from days of modern wake up to find they've been trapped in the movie. And while it's great to see their long departed friends, John and George, there's always the now all to real danger of the Blue Meanies and their attack on Pepperland! Can Paul and Ringo find a way to escape their newest predicament and save the colorful Pepperland? Or will they go off script and the Blue Meanies triumph?

Lennon's Wonderland: Okay, I wanted to do a John story since I've done a Paul story and three George Stories. John Lennon follows a potential burglar into his garden only to then wake up in the mythical Wonderland from one of his favorite book. With characters wearing his friend's faces can John find a way home or go mad trying?

Library Books: Quality time is when two people spend time together to strengthen their bond.. not have Rumpelstiltskin steal Belle's copy of Twilight... What will be the consequence? Two-part fluff piece (in OUaT ficlets folder).

Where else to find me?:>…
I have a lot more stories there, although I'm planning to move a couple of the shorter stories here...


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